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One Platform. All Digital.


Our vision is to enable insurance companies to compete effectively in this age of digital disruption by creating a unified digital front office solution


We Bridge the Chasm to a Digital Insurance World

OneDigitalOffice is a comprehensive platform for any insurance carrier, writing any product, via any distribution channel, connecting to any core middle office to facilitate sales, service, FNOL, and 3rd party access

We are reinventing digital engagement for insurance

  1. Write more new business with less effort, selling any product, through any channel
  2. Always-on self-service benefits operations, agents, and anyone who is using FTEs to handle queries that could be handled electronically instead
  3. Pay claims faster and more accurately, while being easier for the claimant

One Platform. All Digital.


All touchpoints via a single platform
High volume
Create easy-to-use interfaces that are “digitally exceptional”
Integration to any system of any vintage - “the ultimate insurance Swiss army knife”




Commerce + Marketing



About OneDigitalOffice

We have embedded an “insurance brain” into an Omnichannel “body” to produce something the insurance industry has never had before: a comprehensive Digital Front Office platform that delivers insurance-specific content and features along with the customer engagement and retention advantages of a proven omnichannel platform.

The One Digital Office Team

Jonathan Kalman

Jonathan Kalman

Chief Digital Officer
Passionate about helping insurance companies cross the digital chasm!
Jeff Worthington

Jeff Worthington

VP R&D and CTO
Committed to building the best digital customer engagement platform ever!
Matt Vassil

Matt Vassil

Product Marketing Manager
Gets the word out that there is a better way for insurance companies to digitally engage!
Manuel Tönz

Manuel Tönz

Digital Customer Engagement Sales
Helps insurance companies understand how OneDigitalOffice works in their environment!
Steve McGovern

Steve McGovern

Digital Customer Engagement Consulting
Creates the business case for a digital front end solution for insurance companies

Our Story

We are an #insurtech startup launched within ConVista Consulting AG, a global insurance software and systems integration company.

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We have offices throughout the world.
Philadelphia, PA USA
Cologne, Germany
Vienna, Austria
London, UK

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OneDigitalOffice in the News

OneDigitalOffice featured on "Future of insurance" panel and Rapid-Fire Pitch OneDigitalOffice Chief Digital Officer Jonathan Kalman leads a panel discussion of how innovation and Insurtech will reshape future consumption, structures, and risk models, while CTO Jeff Worthington presents OneDigitalOffice in a Rapid-Fire Pitch session and in the Insurtech Expo. Product Marketing Manager Matt Vassil talks to prospects and the trade press at the event sponsored by Deloitte Canada
OneDigitalOffice’s open architecture accelerates InsurTech’s time to market OneDigitalOffice announced its partnership with Digital Fineprint, a London, UK based Insurtech startup that is building the industry standard technology solution that uses consumers’ social media information to optimize the insurance policy purchasing journey. more…
Partnership helps insurance companies get ahead of digital disruption ConVista Consulting has partnered with Eos Venture Partners, a leading InsurTech investor with offices in London, Philadelphia, and Palo Alto, to help insurance companies get ahead of digital disruption. more…